Tampa Fiberglass Repair and Boat Salvage.

Gulf Coast Custom Yachts offers a wide array of services in the marine boating industry. We do our best to ensure that all areas of your boating needs are covered. This includes fiberglass repair work on boats, boat transport delivery, custom paint jobs for outboard engines, boat salvage, and boat insurance estimates. Whatever the job is, may it be big or small, we can handle it in the most efficient way for your schedule and budget.

Boat Insurance Estimates

When you experience a loss with your boat you want your boat repaired quickly and without any hassles. If the damage is extensive beyond the value of the boat you of course expect your insurance company to replace the boat or offer a fair financial settlement. We will work directly with your insurance company to get your claim settled quickly and fairly. We have extensive experience working with marine insurance companies.

Here at Gulf Coast Custom Yachts we take care of all your boat repair, boat salvage, boat transport and insurance repair estimate needs so that your boating experience can be as carefree and enjoyable as possible. Each one of the services we offer caters to a different aspect of the boating industry to provide you with all around coverage. Our fiberglass repair work ensures that your boat is in the best shape possible, cosmetically and structurally. The boat transport delivery service guarantees successful delivery of your boat wherever you would like. Marine boat salvage provides you with a rapid answer to emergency and hurricane salvage needs. The boat insurance repair estimating we offer is based on year of boat repair experience and a working relationship with marine insurance companies.